Dining Chairs for the Farmhouse Style

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August 11, 2019
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Dining Chairs for the Farmhouse Style

farmhouse chairs

Shopping for furniture can be very overwhelming. There are so many colors, elements, and styles to choose from. When making an investment in furniture you want something that not only serves your family well but also will last for a long time. Just as importantly, you want a style that suits you and will keep you happy for a long time.


Here we’re talking about different styles of dining chairs and how those might fit into your style. Once you know what kind of dining set you’re looking for, it can simplify and narrow your search. Let a sales associate know what you like. Even if they don’t have what you want on the floor, they’ll be happy to start pulling catalogs and show you things that will suit.


Parsons. Parsons chairs are upholstered chairs with straight lines. The back of the chair can either be smooth or tufted. Edges are sometimes finished with piping. Upholstery can sometimes deter people from fear of stains, but Parsons chairs are easy to slipcover. This makes it easy to deal with stains or to quickly and easily change the feel of the room with new slipcovers. You can also talk to a sales associate about stain-resistant upholstery. Parsons chairs fit well into the farmhouse look with the right upholstery color and texture.


Wingback. Wingback chairs are another upholstered dining chair. These often look much like a reading chair as the backs are framed with sides that swoop into a wing at the top. Much like a Parsons chair, these can be upholstered in a number of different fabrics including leather. Wingback chairs have a cozy feel that easily lends it to the farmhouse style.


Ladder Back. Ladderback chairs are wooden chairs with evenly divided horizontal slats going up the back. The slats are often carved with a curve, which softens the look of the chair. Combined with its timeless look, wood tones or paint colors can make these a perfect fit into a farmhouse motif.


Slat Back. Slat back chairs are also timeless, wooden chairs with evenly divided slats, but these run vertically. The slats are typically straighter lines and give a more contemporary feel than the ladder backs. Wood tones and color choices also make it more suitable for the farmhouse look.


Windsor. Windsor style chairs are very popular in the farmhouse style. These are another wooden chair, but with a curved back. The high, curved back is held into place with spindles. These chairs have an open feel but can still be grounded with a darker color choice.


The farmhouse style has gained popularity in recent years. It offers a cozy feel with timeless touches. The great thing about these dining chairs is that they fit the farmhouse style well but can also easily transition into other styles. Make sure to take a look at your space and what might work best for you and your family.

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