Whats the Difference in Regular Fabric and Performance Fabric?

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Whats the Difference in Regular Fabric and Performance Fabric?


When selecting fabrics it is important to know the difference of certain kinds. When you understand them you know that performance fabric handles stains in other ways. There are the main differences between the regular fabric and performance fabric.

Mainly it is that with performance fabric you get less wear and tear. It’s a long-lasting and durable kind of upholstery that’s used in the home. Performance fabric handles stains very well and lasts a long time. Your pets and kids are no match for the stain-resistant qualities of this fabric. This fabric is ideal for hard-working areas of the house.

With the use of performance fabric, it withstands stains and is easy to clean. Sunbrella is a maker of this material and it is durable and strong. You can rely on it to last a long time resisting wear and surviving spills. The regular fabric really doesn’t come close to being as durable and stain-resistant.

At Sunbrella design studios they make fabrics with the strength built into the fabrics. Other companies use stain-resistant chemicals but not this one. Using performance fabric means that the specific stain-fighting qualities will never wash off. They last forever on items such as couches and chairs.

The Sunbrella company uses textile threads that are solution-dyed acrylic. This means there treated all the way through with color to make it resistant to wear and stains. They make their fabrics without stain-fighting chemicals in them.

Their fabric is green guard certified which means they’ve been tested to the highest possible degree. This also means they are low chemical, low emissions, and don’t contain harmful substances. By these measures, they are a safe fabric without posing any harm to the family. Normal upholstery cleaners are good enough for this kind. They are used often for sofa’s, upholstered stools, club chairs, and ottomans.

The use of performance fabric saves you from problems with stains and you can forget about them. It is the kind that is durable and will withstand most problems that may occur. Regular fabrics really don’t offer what performance fabrics do very well. The difference is that it is in how the threads are made. The performance fabrics are built more durable with stain-resistant qualities. Over the years they will keep on lasting looking about as new as before. They’re also sure you won’t be able to tell the difference between other fabrics.