How To Find Your Perfect Sofa

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August 15, 2020
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How To Find Your Perfect Sofa

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A sofa is a great way to express your style in the living space. Whether you settle for the vintage, transitional or modern design, sofas add elegance and a touch of class to any living room. Some couches are also quite versatile in that they can function as both chairs and beds. But do you understand the various types of styles of sofas and how they differ from each other?

Eight Sofa Designs You Can Choose from to Liven Up Your Living Space

Couch types and designs come in a wide variety. You will find plenty of options that will interest you as fabulous additions to your house. Here are eight fantastic sofa designs you can choose from to add a touch of elegance to your home:

• Chesterfield

The timeless chesterfield couch exudes sophistication and style. Traditionally, the couch upholstery was leather, but the modern designs feature various fabrics. The characteristic button pressings on the upholstery give it an attractive flair. The rolling arms’ height is at the same level as the back, making the chesterfield classy and ageless.

• Bridgewater

Low arms and simplicity set the Bridgewater apart. Both the cushions and the backrest in the Bridgewater are flexible to allow you to adjust the support. The vintage form features a skirt running around it.

• Camel Back
Just like the name suggests, the Camel Back has one or two humps on the back. The couch is a traditional design that adds timeless elegance to a living space.

• Chaise lounge

The Chaise Lounge is a long couch with some having headrests on one side. Others do not. The sofa is perfect for lounging as you relax with a good book. Alternatively, it is an excellent bed for a guest.

• Knole sofa

The style that features tassels tying the sofa couch arms to the back dates back to the 17th Century. With movable arms and deep seats, the Knole is a classic upholstered piece.

• The Sectional couch

The sectional is probably the most versatile type of sofa. Its design of several pieces gives you options to play around with its arrangement to form various shapes. You can remove or add sections to achieve the configuration you desire.

• The Tuxedo

Almost similar to the chesterfield, the tuxedo features clean regular lines. The button-up design reminds you of the suit from which it derives its name.

• The loveseat

The loveseat origins are the 17th Century to allow women in the large vintage dresses enough sitting space. Shrinking the women’s dresses with time led to creating more space on the seat for lovers to sit comfortably. Offering enough distance between two lovers while maintaining intimacy, the chair was popular with lovers, thus the name loveseat.

Depending on your interest, you can create splendid living spaces playing around with couch designs. Your couches should add character and flair in your living room. The multiple-use nature of most couches makes them valuable pieces of furniture in your house. Allow your personality to shine through by getting the right fit of the sofa for your living space.

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