How To Create An Indoor Retreat

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How To Create An Indoor Retreat

indoor retreat

Indoor retreats are a great way to escape the stresses of everyday life. However, it can be difficult to find time for yourself. So why not create your own? You don’t have to spend hours searching for that perfect place. All you need is some inspiration and this article will give you just that! Here are steps on how to create an indoor retreat within minutes of reading this article.

Pick a quiet place

It is important to choose a quiet place when trying to escape the stresses of everyday life. A good way to achieve this is by going into a room where you can have some alone time away from distractions. Your bedroom, a spare bathroom, or even an empty office works perfectly. If the area has windows, that’s even better! You’ll feel an instant sense of calm when you see the outside world from a completely new angle.

Music, lights, and aromas

When trying to create your own indoor retreat, it is important to have all three elements working together at the same time. Without one, it will be near impossible to truly unwind and escape from reality for a moment. Music gives you the opportunity to escape from being in silence, something that can be very difficult for a lot of people. It creates a barrier between your thoughts and reality so it’s easier to gain perspective on all the things going on around you.

Lights influence our moods and feelings daily. You wouldn’t want to have lights on when you go to bed because it will keep your mind awake. However, a few lights in a dark room during quiet time can help you relax and ease away from the real world for a moment. Finally, aromas have the power to create memories that link back to something emotional or physical. For example, if you used lavender-scented candles while reading a book, you’re more likely to feel relaxed and calm while doing so.

Cut the noise (and the signal)

Once you’ve found your perfect retreat, it’s important to cut out all distractions on your phone or any other devices that keep buzzing. This is one of the most crucial elements of creating an indoor retreat because it will help you truly unwind and focus on yourself for a moment. However, there are certain apps that can create the perfect atmosphere even if you don’t have all of the requirements such as dim lights or soothing sounds. The ambiance is one such app that helps by playing music that corresponds with your location. By using this app, you can program your phone to play relaxing music when you’re in your indoor retreat.

Helpful hacks

It’s easy to quickly make the above elements come together with a few simple household items or things that can be bought from home stores. So what are some of these helpful hacks? Well, there is no need for expensive aromas if you have a candle and some oils from home. Similarly, if you don’t want to go out to buy extra lights for your indoor retreat, simply turn off the main light and turn on a lamp in another room.

By using all of these elements together, you’ll be able to create an ‘indoor retreat’ in no time!