Craving a Cozy Bedroom? Create it Following These 5 Steps

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Craving a Cozy Bedroom? Create it Following These 5 Steps

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Wintertime is here, which means that it is time to snuggle up and get cozy. The perfect place to do this is in the bedroom, which is one of the rooms where people spend most of their time.

Whether you are looking to create a space where you can get a better night’s sleep, read, watch tv or, simply, snuggle up, there is no better place to do these things than a warm and cozy bedroom.

Here are five steps to follow if you find yourself craving a cozy bedroom:


Cozy-Up the Bed

The bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom, no matter the size. It is also the place to curl up with a good book, watch Netflix or, simply, to fall asleep. Add blankets underneath the comforter to keep warm and then use fuzzy throw blankets and pillows for the cozy look and feel of a bed you can sink right into. If you need added warmth, consider using flannel sheets and/or a heated mattress pad.

Put Up Curtains

Thermal curtains keep the heat from escaping through the window while reducing the amount of cold, light, and noise that comes into the room. Reduced light makes for a cozier and more restful room. And, added warmth means that instead of shivering to sleep, you might find yourself sleeping more soundly through the night.

Use Soft Lighting

The last thing you want in a cozy room is a bright light. Therefore, replace the boob light on the ceiling with a softer fixture, or dispense with overhead lighting altogether by using lights around the bed. Examples would be to hang fairy lights over the bed, place flameless candles on a floating shelf, use a Himalayan salt lamp or simply use a table lamp with a warm white bulb.

Keep Colors Neutral

You want the colors in your bedroom to be warm, calming and inviting, without being too dark. Keep the colors on the wall and in the décor neutral. Use soft pastels for the comforter as well as the pillows and blankets scattered on the bed. Good neutral and pastel colors to use include cream, light gray or even a soft brown as well as a soft blue or pink.

Decorate with Rugs

Rugs can both add to the cozy décor of the room and keep your feet warm. Look for a thick or fuzzy rug that you will want to sink your feet into in order to keep with the cozy feel of the room. Also, keep in mind that rugs make a statement and can help tie a room’s décor together. So, use neutral colors to ensure the rugs blend into the rest of the room.

However you decorate, remember that a cozy bedroom needs to be warm, have a comfy bed and the right lighting, and then follow the 5 steps listed above. Soon you will have the cozy bedroom you have been craving.

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