What Is The Best Color For My Living Room?

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December 13, 2020
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What Is The Best Color For My Living Room?

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Finding the best color for your Living room can be a bit unnerving because the Living room is the main focal point of the home. There are several steps you can take to choose the best color for your Living room that will both please you and others.

Get the right inspiration to make a suitable choice. Find some accessories in a store or online or maybe something you already have. For example, a throw pillow or a throw rug. Maybe there’s a color in the flooring? Get the picture? If it’s something you can take a high-quality image of or take with you to a DIY shop, even better. Some big DIY shops can mix a color exactly to the color you bring to them.

How Conservative or Wild do you want your Taste to be?

Take a look at your space. Do you want to go traditional and do all the walls the same color? Do you want to have an accent wall because you have a Great Room with the dining room right there? The color is important if you want to have a trim or border or color on the floor. Do you want an out of the box color that you may change after a while? Or do you want something more neutral or traditional that you’ll keep and refresh over time?

Bring Samples Home and Make your Choice at Home:

Most people make their paint color choice at the paint shop, but it’s not the best idea, and here’s why. First, the paint on the swatch may be lighter or darker than the paint will dry on your wall. The lights in the shop may alter the color. You can choose the best color on your wall at home. You could bring a swatch and hold it up to the wall in the light but better yet, get a sample of the color mixed at the shop and put a 4×4 inch square on the wall to see what it will look like as it dries in the lighting in that room.

Once you have the 4×4 paint square on the wall, look at it from all angles and with different lighting. Purchasing more than one sample of the paints you think you want is advisable. You should do this if you want completely different colors like for example do you want green or purple? You should also do this when you are choosing one color. In that case, you’ll want to choose different gradients of the color.

For example, white, eggshell, or champagne? Take beige, for example. The swatch will have the wall color and the trim color and one more in between. Have them all mixed as a sample and throw them up on the wall. You can get a better look at what wall shade catches your eye the most.

The Finish is Important:

Beware of the finish you choose. There’s a good rule of thumb to go by, and that’s a flat finish for indoor walls. The color will be deep and rich. If you have textured walls, be aware that any imperfections will be highlighted.

Once you’ve moved through these steps and have come to a conclusion, you should have the perfect color for your living room.