Ways to De-clutter Your Bedroom

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March 28, 2018
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May 1, 2018
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Ways to De-clutter Your Bedroom

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Tired of tripping over odds and ends in the bedroom? Whether its shoes, dirty laundry, suitcases, books, etc., the bedroom shouldn’t be a cause of a headache. We come home to rest and unwind, and our bedrooms should be a place of solace. Here are some ways to help you get organized so you can rest easy.

1. Consider a multipurpose nightstand. The more drawers, the better. Many people have been using midsized dressers for this so there is enough storage for items such as socks and undergarments, in addition to your favorite bedside book, TV remote(s), etc.

2. Speaking of dressers, clear them. Each season, go through your drawers and throw away what’s old and worn; donate what’s in decent condition that you know you will no longer wear. Clean out the insides with a dusting cloth and begin organizing each drawer – one for socks, one for undergarments, one for T-shirts, etc. To save even more space, try rolling your T-shirts before placing into the drawer.

3. Take pictures. It’s easy to miss areas of our house that are cluttered; we look at them so much each day, it’s almost as if we become blind to the areas that have become cluttered. Take some photos of your bedroom from different angles, and then take a closer look. Wherever the clutter is present is where you will need to focus upon.

4. Go through your jewelry collection. As with your clothes, go through your jewelry pieces and determine what you know you will wear and what needs to be retired (by throwing out or donating). If you have some pieces that are broke, and you just can’t part with them, take them to your jeweler to be fixed. Untangle them and purchase jewelry holders if needed to stay organized.

5. Store what you can underneath the bed. Offseason items – such as flip-flops (if it’s winter) and blankets and coats (if it’s summer) – can easily be stored underneath the bed in plastic containers.

6. Look into adding a wardrobe wall. While we all would love a bigger closet, sometimes that’s just not an option. But, it helps to have a wardrobe wall! This is a wall that includes an opening or movable pieces for storage and organization. It can also be “closed” with a curtain instead of doors.

7. Clear surfaces. If you have way too many photos or décor pieces on your dresser tops, nightstands, etc., clear them off and keep it minimal. Find storage for items such as your keys and wallet (such as a decorative bowl that fits perfectly on a surface without taking up too much space).

8. Have fun choosing storage containers. Storing away your items doesn’t have to be boring and bland. There are many colorful pieces out there of different shapes and sizes that can add beauty to a room.

9. When it comes to baskets, keep it uniform. Baskets of the same size and shape are easily swapped around and moved, and they also help reduce visual clutter.